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Choose the main type of Desk Frame
One column height adjustable desk frame. Small desk frames that can achieve full mobility with a battery and wheels, ConSet offers both as accessories. ConSet offers worktops, other plates can also be used, but they must not be larger than the original ones for a given frame.

The 2 columns sit stand desk frame is the most common. Choose between many designs, colors and lifting capabilities. All are reliable in quality. The CO2 emission is calculated and available for all models.

The 3-column height adjustable desk are usually used for larger corner desk, typically combined with two tops put together. ConSet has a large selection in colour, design and lifting capability. An added bonus of a 3 leg desk is unbeatable stability.

Double frames or bench is a type the is gaining popularity. Many offices setup the desks back-to-back already, and a bench desk is created for the setup. Cable management, divider screens and easy cleaning under desks are built into the design of this desk frame.

Wall hung
A practical and space-saving solution, where columns and feet will never be in the way. Wall mounting a desk frame also makes cleaning easier. Frames with up to 3 synchronized columns are available.

Standing Meetings
Meetings, canteens, bars, and dinner tables with electric height adjustability. This desk frame type can be fitted with tabletops long enough for all that. Energize a meeting, have room for more people, without the number of chairs setting a limit. Can be fitted with a battery.

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