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Choose color for the Desk Frame
Silver frames, RAL9006
This colour would be called silver grey metallic if it were a car. Anyone who has had a silver-grey car know the benefit. It takes longer before it looks dirty. On a silver-grey height adjustable desk frame dust can almost never be noticed. The powder coating is durable, and the surface can be cleaned and look new in no time.

Black frames, RAL9004
Black does not go out of style, thats why a black electric height adjustable desk frame is a great choice. The combination of the black colour and the light sheen to the powder coating makes grease spots from finger far less noticeable. Dust however is noticeable on a black frame, but the frame can be clean quickly with a try rag, no special cleaning solution is necessary.

White frames, RAL9016
A white sit stand desk frame is neutral and a popular choice. A white tabletop and frame together achieve a calm and modern expression, contrarily the tabletop colour or wood grain can pop against a white desk frame. The powder coating is strong, but scratched can be more noticeable on a white frame.

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