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Desk, 1-column
Small office desks with one lifting column. Most of the 1-column models can be fitted with wheel and battery, making them trolley table with electric height adjustability. This desk type cannot meet the standard requirements, however it is ideal for flexible work and moving workstations.

Desk, 2-column
Height adjustable desks with two lifting columns are the most widely used, as they suit most peoples needs with regards to shape and size. ConSet has an unbeatable selection to choose from and a large variety in size, specification and price.

Desk, 3-column
Job roles with e.g. A lot of paperwork requires an extra-large desk. The 3-leg desk in a corner configuration is a superb option for a large worksurface while keeping things within reach. Check out ConSet’s the large selection.

Double-or bench desks are gaining popularity. In many office setups the desks are placed back-to-back, the bench uses this setup, but instead of two desks the bench has two workstations in one desk, with the option of adding a privacy screen between the desks. It is also a highly practical solution for cleaning and cable management.

Desk, Wall hung
Choose a wall mounted height adjustable desk and keep the floor free. The wall mounted sit stand desk takes up less space, both physically and visually, it also makes it possible to add a workstation where it would not be possible otherwise. Keep cleaning quick and efficient with no legs to sweep around.

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